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Chapter Titles
1. Introduction (30Kb PDF file)
2. Multifamily Property Requirements (89Kb PDF file)
3. Achieving Compliance (53Kb PDF file)
4. Determining Income Eligibility (47Kb PDF file)
5. Rent and Lease Requirements (27Kb PDF file)
6. Reporting, Record-Keeping, and Administrative Requirements (36Kb PDF file -PDF help or hard copy)
7. Financial Infeasibility Waivers (22Kb PDF file)
8. Compliance Procedures for Condominium Bulk Purchases (20Kb PDF file - PDF help or hard copy)
9. Compliance Procedures for Single Family Bulk Sales to Public Agencies and Nonprofits (13Kb PDF file)
A. Rental Application (18Kb PDF file)
B. Tenant Release and Consent (6Kb PDF file)
C. Guide for Determining Annual Income (21Kb PDF file)
D. Employment Verification (12Kb PDF file)
E. Tenant Income Certification (15Kb PDF file)
F. Compliance Report Summary (29Kb PDF file)
G. Owners Certification of Program Compliance (20Kb PDF file )
H. Land Use Restriction Agreements (23Kb PDF file)
I. Homebuyer Income Certification (6Kb PDF file)